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Achieve your Best Shape.

"Lose your unwanted pounds and inches with ShapeWorks Weight Loss Program. Backed by 25 years of cutting-edge science, there’s simply no program like it! Our breakthrough products have helped millions achieve their long-term weight loss goals. They can help you too. Start today, and stay motivated with the support of your ShapeWorks coach."


At Herbalife, we understand that people need to have choices when it comes to controlling weight and managing nutrition intake. These choices must be safe, effective and healthy.

 • ShapeWorks Program

NEW Personalized weight loss for healthy results   >>>
Losing weight doesn't get any easier!
Enjoy delicious, hunger-controlling shakes, meals and snacks, as you achieve your ideal weight effortlessly. Your own personal ShapeWorks coach will guide you through 3 easy to follow paths to better health.

Herbalife's Thermojetics®  - Weight Management Program - Weight Management Program provides technologically advanced products to help increase your body's own natural fat burning ability by utilizing thermogenic ingredients. It is system designed for healthy weight control with two whey protein shakes a day and a balanced meal of your choice, powered by Cellular Nutrition®.

Alternatively, why not try Herbalife's Thermojetics®  - High Protein, Low Carb Diet Program - Weight Management Program, a high protein, low carbohydrate eating plan that features two low carb shakes a day, several of our healthy snacks and a low carb meal of your choice, supported by our "Gold" products.

 How do I know which weight loss program is right for me? "How do I know which weight loss
program is right for me ?"

Get fast results:

When it comes to safe, effective and fast weight loss, you need all your bases covered. With our super effective Fat Burners, Accelerators and Energy Boosters, you'll leave nothing to chance. These products perfectly complement our ShapeWorks Weight Control Program, Thermojetics® Green Weight Management Program and Thermojetics® Gold High Protein, Low Carb Diet Program - and can help overcome any diet challenge.

Eat, be satisfied - and lose weight:

Designed to work with both the ShapeWorks Weight Control, Green Weight Management & Gold High Protein, Low Carb Diet Programs, Herbalife's healthy snacks include selections so good, you'll think you're cheating! But you're not!

Want to say "no" to cellulite?

Now you have a solution to this nagging, unsightly problem caused by stubborn fat deposits and excess fluid in the tissues.
The answer is Body Shaper Kit.

For your Health Needs:

Herbalife's Health Supplements will enable you to customize your nutritional plan further, to address the personal health and wellness challenges you may face. You'll find products to enhance sports performance, lift your mood, protect your heart's health, improve digestion and give your skin a healthy glow. Feel free to mix and match any of the products within these programs to suit your needs.

Keeping your Health &

Weight in balance

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